Yearbook tips

Making a yearbook? Look here first.

Blurb's print on demand service is a great way to create your yearbook, especially for smaller schools which don't need to order hundreds of copies. 

Every spring we see many orders for school yearbooks. So, yearbook makers of the world, based on past experience we've got a few tips for you. (You'll also want to check our pricing page as well as our different bookmaking tools). 

1. Give yourself more time than you think you'll need.

  • Planning the design/layout of your book, gathering images and text, adding content to your pages, and proofreading and reviewing everything will inevitably take longer than you expect...much longer.
  • Give yourself extra time and you'll find the process to be much smoother and much less stressful. 
  • Blurb can't rush orders through production so leave time for your proof copy (see below) and the final order.

2. Leave time to order and review a single Blurb-printed copy of your yearbook first.

  • You should always order and review a single "proof" copy of your yearbook before you place a large order or before you make it available for sale.
  • This will help you spot issues that may only show up in the printed book, such as too-dark images or content you've placed too close to the trim line/edges.

3. Don't overlook these points.

Mind the trim areas and safe zones.

  • Keep your important content like text, logos and people's heads away from the trim lines and out of the safe zone.
  • All of our bookmaking tools have some version of trim lines and safe zones to help you position your content properly.

Beware of dark images.

  • If your images are dark to begin with, they'll print just as dark or even darker.
  • Back-lit images, images shot in low light with no flash, under-exposed images and images with lots of detail in the shadows generally need some lightening to print well.
  • Blurb does not lighten your images for you (unless you're using BookWright with image enhancement turned on).
  • If you want more information check out our dark images article.

Check your work...twice.

  • We suggest you review your book, looking for typos, out of order page numbers, trim zone issues, etc.
  • Then take a break and review everything once more before uploading/ordering a copy.
  • It doesn't hurt to have someone else look things over, either. 


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