Tips for your class project

Whether you're an instructor leading a photography course or a student putting together a portfolio, creating a Blurb or MagCloud publication is a great way to get things into print. Below are some tips for the smoothest possible experience. 

Leave enough time

We can't stress this enough: leave more time than you think you'll need. (If only we'd all followed that advice in college...)

It will take more time than you think just to design your book. Also, it typically takes about 5 business days to print, trim and bind books, and shipping time is on top of that. We can't rush orders through production, not even for an extra fee.

You'll see an estimated delivery date at checkout and can also use our shipping calculator for an estimate on shipping times and costs. 

If you'd like to make revisions after receiving your book leave time for that, too.

And hey, sometimes things go wrong: an order might need to be reprinted last minute, or a shipment might be delayed en route. So leave as much extra time as possible just in case.


Found a mistake?

After uploading and ordering your book you might realize you need to change something. Blurb can't actually change the content of your book for you. But if you've just placed the order, keep in mind that you've got a three-hour window to cancel a Blurb order yourself. (Look here for MagCloud orders). You can then upload and order the corrected version.

Remember, you have to cancel the order yourself within the three-hour window. Our support team can't cancel orders for you.


Blurb accepts payment at checkout, via credit card, debit card, or Paypal. We don't accept purchase orders, invoices, or checks.

Making your first book

Whatever your assignment might be--a portfolio, portraits, or a book of poetry--we have some useful tips for your first book. We recommend everyone review that information before beginning their book as it could save you some trouble later. You don't want to open your printed Blurb book the day before it's due only to discover you placed things too close to the edge or used images that were too dark (or too blurry) to print well.

Leave enough time. Seriously.

This bears repeating: leave enough time to create your book and have it printed and shipped, including, whenever possible, the off chance it might need to be reprinted due to a defect or damage. (Defects and damage are relatively rare, but leave as much time as you can, just in case). 

Remember, books typically take about 5 business days to print, and shipping time's on top of that and we can't rush orders through production.

No matter how compelling a story or how dire your circumstances may be (we don't want to see you fail a class either!) we can't rush orders. It just takes time to print, bind, trim and ship a custom-made book. 

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