Add or remove headers and footers from BookSmart

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BookSmart gives you a lot of control over headers and footers. You can apply specific headers and footers to a single page, to all right-hand pages, to all left-hand pages, to all pages, or to none whatsoever. Find specific information about page numbers here.

Add or customize headers

When you start a BookSmart book, headers are automatically added to your book. You can customize the display so that they only show on the left-hand or right-hand pages, or you can remove them completely.

Click inside the header on one of your pages. Headers can not be superimposed over an image, so layouts with image containers flush to the edge will not have this option. Once you click inside the text container of the header, options with drop-down menus should appear. 

You can set your headers to display the title of your book, page number, custom text, or nothing at all. This can then be applied to all pages, just the left-hand pages, or just the right-hand pages.

Change font, size, color of text in the header

You can customize the font size and color of your header text by using the font dropdown controls near the top of the screen.

Remove all headers and footers.

Click into the header text container, choose None from the Show dropdown menu, then select All pages from the Apply to dropdown menu. To remove all footers from your book pages, follow the same steps after clicking in the footer text container.

You can also remove all headers and footers by going to Edit Layout then removing the header and footer from your layout.

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