Trim guidelines for BookSmart

Worried about any of your content being trimmed off the edge of the cover or pages when it's printed? Check the box marked Display trim guidelines to show these guidelines while editing your book in BookSmart. 

The red dotted line

The red dotted line indicates approximately where the trim will occur. Anything placed on, beyond or close to that red dotted line will probably be trimmed off. (Remember, that dotted line is only an estimate--the trim may not occur exactly along the red dotted line).

The pink shaded area

To be absolutely certain your important content won't be trimmed off or wrapped around the cover edge, keep it out of the pink shaded area entirely. This is especially important when designing an ImageWrap cover, but applies to all cover types and inside pages.

Full bleed layouts

Please note that if you are using a full bleed layout so that your images go to the very edge of the page, you do want to pull your content all the way to the edge, beyond both the pink shaded area and the red dotted trim line. If you want your image to completely fill the page, review our tips for full-bleed images

Gutters and two-page spreads

If you're designing a layout that crosses two pages, be careful of what you place in the very center–the "gutter" between the two pages. Content in this gutter area will most likely not be seen in the book due to trimming and binding.

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