Change the size of your BookSmart book

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If you change your mind about the size of the book you'd like to make in BookSmart, you can adjust your book-in-progress to certain larger or smaller formats, as outlined below.

Possible conversion sizes for your BookSmart book:

  • Small Square can convert to Large Square or Standard Landscape size.
  • Standard Landscape can convert to Small Square or Large Landscape size.
  • Large Square can convert to Small Square size.
  • Large Landscape can convert to Standard Landscape size.
  • Trade can convert to Pocket size.

How to change the size of a book in BookSmart:

1. Open your book in BookSmart.

2. Click the Change Size icon in the top left corner.

3. Pick the book size from those available that you want to convert to and then click OK. This will create a second book project for the different size book.

4. It may take a few minutes to finish the conversion; when it’s finished you’ll see the message, “Your new book is ready to review.” Click OK.

5. Review the pages of your resized book carefully for any changes that may have occurred in the conversion. Pay attention to pages with warnings for text that doesn’t fit or images that are too low resolution to print well. You should also check for any images that may have shifted, pages that have been added, or layouts that may not look right in the new book size. Adjust these pages and make any final edits to your newly sized book.

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