Remove the Blurb logo from your book in BookSmart

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We know you love Blurb. We also know that sometimes you may not want our logo in your book. All standard BookSmart books are printed with the Blurb logo on the copyright page and final page, but you can remove Blurb's logo for an additional fee.

How to remove the Blurb logo from your BookSmart book 

  1. Click on the Blurb logo where it appears in your book on the copyright page or on the final page.
  2. Select “Use Custom Logo” from the pop-up window.
  3. Leave the area blank and your book will be printed without a Blurb logo. Or you can drag and drop your own image into this spot.

Cost of removing Blurb logo

Removing the Blurb logo from your book will change its pricing. We increase the base price of your book by 25% to cover the removal of our brand from your book. Check out the pricing calculator to determine the impact of removing the logo from your book. Toggle the "Remove Blurb Logo" section on and off to see the price of both options.

How to add the Blurb logo back into your BookSmart book

If you change your mind and want to put the Blurb logo back, you can do that by clicking on that image container for the logo and selecting Revert Logo. This will adjust the price of your book back to the normal price.

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