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Do you want an image or background color in your MagCloud publication to completely cover the page (also known as a full bleelayout)? Here are some tips to ensure the best results.

  • When designing your MagCloud publication you must ensure that your design runs all the way to the page edge and not just to the edge of the trim area. 
  • If your design doesn't go to the bleed edge/page edge you may end up with unwanted white edges in your printed publication. 
  • If you download one of MagCloud's templates for InDesign, Word, or another supported program you'll also get a PDF with instructions and bleed info specific to that program. 
  • Before you upload your PDF to MagCloud we recommend carefully reviewing it using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.
  • After you've uploaded your PDF to MagCloud, use the author preview feature to double check your bleed design using the trim and bleed guides, as seen in the screenshots below.

Author preview: properly designed bleed

Below is the online preview you'll see after you upload your file to MagCloud. Notice how the image goes past the red shaded area and all the way to the outer edge of the grey area (the "bleed edge").

  • If the design goes all the way to the outer edge of the gray area it will completely cover the printed page.
  • Be sure that important content, like text or faces, isn't positioned in or near the red shaded area. Otherwise that content may be trimmed off.


Author preview: incorrectly designed bleed

The file below was designed incorrectly. Notice how the image doesn't reach all the way to the bleed edge (the outer edge of the gray shaded area).  It only reaches to the edge of the red shaded area. This design would likely have a white edge in the printed publication. 





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