Creating a Blurb Book with Photos from Flickr

To import your Flickr photos for your Blurb book project, first download and save them onto your desktop. You can initiate file downloads from your Flickr account by navigating to the album or image(s) you want to download, and clicking the download icon (downward facing arrow). We recommend getting them organized in a folder or two before you import them into a book creation tool.


Please note: Importing groups of photos of 1000+ may cause issues, so it will help to group them into separate folders and import them in smaller waves.


BookWright makes importing photos from your desktop user-friendly. You’ll be able to open your project, select the “Photos” tab at the top, and then “Add Photos.” Choose the folder(s) of photos you’d like to use for your project.


In Lightroom and the Adobe InDesign Plugin, you can import your photos following your normal Adobe tool workflow.


Bookify has a direct import feature similar to import Facebook, SmugMug, Instagram, etc. Open your project and select “Get Photos” from the top right of your page. Choose “Flickr” from the menu and log in to authorize access. Please keep in mind that, like the other import features, importing groups of 1000+ photos at a time may cause issues. If you have more than 1000 photos you would like to use for your book project, we recommend importing them in smaller groups by organizing your folders to hold less than 1000 images each.


BookSmart will import your photos in a similar way to BookWright. Once in the program, open your project and click “Get Photos” at the top of your page. You’ll be able to select files on your desktop by clicking “My Computer.”

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