Barcode or ISBN on the back cover

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Removable barcode on cover

Some of our print facilities add a removable barcode label to the back cover for order-tracking purposes. This label can easily be peeled off when you receive the book.

Printed barcode on cover

Our European print facility adds a printed QR code to Premium magazines. The QR code is located at the bottom right corner of the back cover. It is used to match the magazine cover with the pages and it can't be omitted.

ISBN on cover

All Trade Books made in BookWright, our plugin for Adobe InDesign, or our PDF to Book workflow will include an ISBN barcode on the lower half of the back cover. This includes our Trade 5x8, 6x9 and Trade 8x10 formats. These ISBN barcodes cannot be omitted. You can use your own ISBN or a free Blurb-provided ISBN. 

Here is additional information about ISBNs

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