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Incorrect cover size

I am trying to create a trade book, 6x9, 144 pages, paperback, and pre-flight says my cover dimensions are wrong. The message is: [Cover PDF] Page 1: Invalid dimensions, got [12.569 in x 9.250 in], expected [13.750 in x 9.861 in]. My cover dimensions are correct. It looks like Blurb thinks I want a hardback cover. I tried three times and each time I get the same message. I used this same cover on an earlier version of the book a few weeks ago and I didn't have this problem then. Any ideas? Is anyone else having this problem?
Mike Meier

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Hi Mike, 

I was able to locate your support request and see that you were helped by our Customer Support team. If you have any further questions, please feel free to update your support request. 

Mutuala M.
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