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Author discount or other options

This topic has already been touched, I can see, but I am left confused and frustrated. I want to promote and sell my photography book but I find that the price of the book is prohibitive and seems to scare people away. Blurb offer discounts but only to buy your own book.
I have read on this link that to be able to allegedly see promo codes for non-authors that blurb seemingly offer on a regular basis, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter:
Well, I am sorry, but I have been receiving the newsletter for more than two years now and I have never seen any promo codes for non-authors. My book (which is a collection of photographs from where I live) could potentially be a good market as there is practically no other landscape photography books about my region available on the market. However, like I said, the sheer price of the book prevent it from been sold. No one would fork out £ 79.99 for a hardcover book or £ 68.99 for a soft cover book and these are the prices before vat (In both cases, I only set £ 1 profit). In order to lower the price, I would have to order 100 copies of the book. For example to lower the price of the hard cover version of he book to £49 I would have to fork out, upfront, £4,815.60, which is unrealistic. who, apart from companies can afford to spend that kind of money? So unless you are a big company, there is apparently no realistic way to sell your book? This is frustrating, to say the least.

Serge Chabert

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