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BookWright: Photos distorted (coloured bands) after upload

I have used BookWright to create a 32 page photo book. The photos are all sRGB profile, ~12Mpix resolution, JPEG format. They display fine within BookWright, a proof PDF, and pass the "Check for Corrupt Images" check.

On uploading from BookWright to Blurb, the Preview on shows distortion (colour bands, dark sections) to ~30% of the images. On re-uploading, different distortions appear, but after 3 attempts, none are usable.

I guess the BookWright rendering process is the problem. How can this be checked? Can I manually upload the .blurb file instead for printing?

For reference, I'm using BookWright 1.1.148 on MacOS 10.11.6.  The image distortion appears all browsers that I've tested - Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Thanks for any pointers.


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