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Shipping Costs

Oh goodness me. Im sad to read all these messages, and very happy at the same time. I was going to create a book with blurb as it sounds like a fantastic idea. I was concerned with the shipping costs, and have emailed blurb, who have got back to me promptly. For me, being out of work, if my books wont make a profit for me, or at least cover my costs, I cant go ahead with making them with blurb :(

Also i do agree that blurb seem to be not up to speed with answering comments from everyone. I looked through various FAQ's and didnt find answers to questions that I was interested in, as blurb hadn't taken the time to answer them. Maybe blurb should employ a person to answer questions in a timely manner.

Raz Dog

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I feel that the postage to Australia makes some of the books just too expensive.

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