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DISCOUNT CODE is misleading

I have potential buyers for my books that are not happy when they discover at checkout that the DISCOUNT shown at the top of most Blurb web pages is not for them - only for authors. Book buyers are upset and I don't blame them!  One buyer writes: "That is deceiving and unfortunate. Maybe you can mention to the site they should add that is for authors only on the promo code itself so people don't think they can get a discount."

BLURB - Please let Marketing and your supervisors know about this. Perhaps the wording can say: Author Promo Code: _____

I feel that I look unprofessional to those that may purchase my books.

Do any other authors experience this? 

Tony Hertz

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This is really bad. We just told a bunch of professionals that participated in a book that they received a discount and now they can't use it.  VERY poor display of advertising a promo code. The author should be the only one able to read it if they are the only one able to use it.

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This issue is over a year old! Is Blurb reading this? What do you say, Blurb?

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Hello- thanks for the feedback. All promo codes should now have the terms and conditions listed on the promo page.

These Forums are designed to solicit help from other users.  If you have a questions about a specific promo, please reach out directly to our Support team via email:


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