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Connect with Google Photos

It would be great to be able to log in to your google account in BookWright and BookSmart and select photos from your Google Photos library for books. It would mean you could work in low res until you're finished with the book and then just download the high res images when the book is finalised for print. Any plan for doing this in future?


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YES!!! It feels like a huge step back in technology having to download them back on my computer and then uploading from there. 

Ariane Frank 2 votos

Can someone  tell me what I have to do to get access to google photos?

bunker2775 2 votos

It would be super easy to create the albums! Plus, the photos are already in albums in Google Photos...

Peter Papaspyrou 2 votos
In Google Drive, go to your settings and make sure "Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive" is checked off, you should see a Google Photos folder in Drive then.
Once you have that setup, you can sync it to your PC with the Google Drive sync desktop program. If you don't already have this installed, there's a link to download this at the bottom left of the Google Drive website. Sign in and select the folders to sync. Any photos added to Google Photos will show up in this folder and sync to your PC, and any photos you add to this folder on your PC will sync back up to the website. If you need further help with setting up Google Drive sync on your PC, the Drive product forums can help further with that part.
Uli Correia -1 votos

using google drive to sync all my photos is not a good solution.  Facebook and Instagram are options, google photos should be too. Please add this functionality. thanks.

kcolt22 4 votos

Over 2 years we’ve been asking for this. I’d really rather use Blurb than Google Photos own book service but you gotta make it easier by connecting Blurb to Google Photos.

fjauretche 11 votos

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