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Monitor Bookify photo upload progress?

I'm uploading about 100 high res photos to Bookify which is obviously taking a while. When I go to leave it tells me they've not finished being uploaded. I don't mind waiting but I'm worried I'll spend hours arranging the book only to find that the upload is crashed.

Is there any way to monitor the progress of the upload?

I notice some of the photos in the photostream are now displayed at a rotated angle - does this mean they're now uploaded?

I'm using the online version because I'm on a work laptop so can't download and install the software.



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I'm having the same problem using Bookify online! I have now left it working over night, and STILL no progress. Evidently it has crashed. Unfortunately, I only discovered this when I went to publish and order the book. Will I now have to start again?


I've also noticed some of my photos are displayed on an angle... as above, does this mean they have uploaded?

ashleev87 0 votos

I would really like to know the outcome to this question as I just had the same problem and I am awaiting, and waiting and there is no clear way to monitor the upload process! 


Please help!

jennufa 0 votos

For me the same. From pdf to book, 400mb upload, % still at 44%. I think it's crashed. But there aren't advices or tips...nothing. This loader sucks....

Edoardo Santamato 0 votos

I trying to place an order for my book but every time I click place order I have a pop up that says pictures are uploading! I have no idea which pictures are uploading and how long I have to wait until they are done. This is very frustrating.  Hopefully you can change this in the future BLURB!

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