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L/H page has shifted to left. Images wont print to inner gutter trim.

I'm a professional graphic designer very familiar with the adobe creative suite, so i downloaded the indesign plug-in for windows. Everything worked inc, indesign, pre-flight and creating print ready pdf's. Loaded the job to blurb to order and the uploaded preview was a mess.

1. All L/H pages had moved to the left leaving large white margin in the centre as if it is a no print area. No problem R/H pages, images can print to centre trim.

2. All full page bleed images L/H pages have moved to left and do not print to centre trim. No problem R/H pages, images can print to centre trim.

3. Double page spread images only print to centre correctly on R/H pages. All L/H pages have big white margin at centre. Complete mess.

Have gone back and checked all specs. All is perfect on the pdf's that were uploaded. I've designed and printed books, catalogs and brochures for years using these tools and this has never happened before. It's as if the imposition software at Blurb will not recognize L/H specs.

Have contacted Blurb for urgent help. Any assistance appreciated.





Carl Rainer

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Carl -- I would love to hear how this turned out for you.
Am putting a book together using the plugin for InDesign and am wondering if Blurb will "correct" the document that I've made and if I might be better off creating an ID doc without the plugin... I haven't used Blurb for a long time and am getting the impression that they cater to people who know little about layout programs. For example, my 10x8" book, using the plugin, is 9.5x8 in the plugin document !! Yes, really!

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For a PDF previously created with InDesign CS2 without a plug-in. This will help avoid your layout shifting during upload.

Once the cover and Contents are completed:

1. Insert another page into the Layout, After the cover on page 1 from the InDesign document. Leave blank or place additional content.

2. Export a new PDF as pages-blurb and upload this file.

Close InDesign document, but do not save to preserve original format.

Basically all you need to do is create a new PDF with an extra page.
After the front cover, insert another page and resave as an odd paged PDF - though Blurb states to only upload even number page docs. Blurb will insert a blank page at the end.

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