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Think twice before starting your project in BookWrite...erm, Wright..

I've put together more than a dozen client books using BookSmart and I think it's great, though BookWright is definitely not ready for prime time!

-Constantly crashing

-If you copy and paste a content box, you'll have to go looking for wherever it pasted to.

-Guides are totally useless. No 'Snap to' or freeform.

-Typing within the text boxes is completely counter-intuitive. One would think you could actually type in a text box, but alas no.

-Links always default to blue underline. Even if a project is saved, once you return to it, all links are reformatted for that ugly web-look costing hours to reformat.

 I know there are more, but my frustration is killing my memory.

My mistake was actually giving it a try, but since I'm already half way through my project, it would be pointless to move over to an actual functioning program like Adobe InDesign. But if you haven't started a project yet, which I doubt that's the case otherwise you wouldn't be browsing the problem forum, DO NOT start a project with this horrible interface. It seems as though very little thought was given to this program as the name alone should have suggested. BookWright? Shouldn't it be BookWrite? Anyone with an ounce of creativity could have figured that one out.

Tyson Rininger

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I have also used BookSmart to create a number of books. I figured I would try BookWright for the next one assuming this is where all of the new features and effort will be placed, but I agree that it seems to be missing some pretty basic functionality. The things that have been fustrating to me so far include:

  1. The way templates provided but Blurb are to be used.
  2. No apparent way to change the font COLOR universally in the book
  3. The template I tried uses a dark midnight blue background and light gray for the font. But when you go to type in the text box the color in the WHITE background editing box for the font is the light gray and thus invisible. This makes editing the text very difficult since I am constantly having to select all so I can see where to go click to place the cursor.  I did notice that the update released last week has improved the text box editor placement and it is no longer at the bottom of the page but pops out from the side of the text box.
  4. No frames around photos (although this was a feature that they state on the web site they had hoped to add by the end of 2014, which is now 6 weeks ago).

As I have only created 9 pages in my new book, I am seriously thinking about switching back to BookSmart and giving Blurb more time to get BookWright more fully-featured. Would love to see what others have to say.

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