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BookWright Crashing- Censored by Blurb?

After years of using Blurb, I'm attempting to use BookWright for the first time to create by book. Nonstop Crashes, and and when I searched the Blurb forums for some help, I noticed that every single thread that mentioned BookWright crashing has been closed by the Moderators. Hmmm. Hiding something Blurb? VERY VERY bad sign here. There's other book publishing options out there, and when I see a company's response leaning towards cover up, rather than addressing a problem, I'm very inclined to take my business elsewhere. 


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Hi skrump. I'm sorry to hear you've having trouble with BookWright. It looks like you've already contacted support, which is the right path. 

Regarding your comment here:

" I noticed that every single thread that mentioned BookWright crashing has been closed by the Moderators. Hmmm. Hiding something Blurb? "

We hate to be the ones to squelch a good conspiracy theory :-) but there's a practical reason we close such threads: any technical issues need to be handled by our customer support team. That ensures that 1) the person experiencing the problem gets prompt and appropriate assistance and 2) Blurb's tech team stays aware of any trending tech issues. 

The forums are meant for Blurb authors to exchange ideas with each other (and our forums guidelines reiterate that). Support-related threads are normally commented on by Blurb staff asking the original poster to contact support because of the nature of the problem. That thread is indeed then closed, since such issues can't be resolved in the forums.

We do the same for people with quality control issues, trouble accessing the site, or any other problems that are best handled by our agents rather than other authors.

So no "cover up" here--just us trying to get people the most efficient and fast help possible. 

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     I get what you're saying Michael, and your support team has done a great job at responding as quickly as they can with help. I would however disagree on your policy of closing any thread related to technical support issues. Usually the forums are the first place I look for help- Not for exact, specific help that your tech support can provide, but just as a starting point. For example, if I can find a thread describing a problem similar to mine, and from that thread I can get a "Try A, B, and C most common solutions to fix your problem. If that doesn't work, contact tech support!" That's extremely helpful to me, and it's going to be the most prompt assistance available. On the flip side, if I see every thread on the subject shutdown, the message I get is "We don't want to talk about this problem, and we don't want You to talk about this problem". Hence my frustration, and hence my post above venting said frustration. 

    Overall, I've enjoyed publishing with you guys for years now, and as I get more comfortable using BookWright, I'm liking the program more and more. The creation process flows a bit faster with it as opposed to BookSmart. If the crashing issues can be ironed out (It's crashing on me about once every half hour or so) I think you guys have a solid book authoring/publishing product here!

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