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Centering image question.

I would like to center image on the left page of the 8 x 10 portrait when printed.  Is it better to center the image on the left page at the middle of 8". Or is it better to center the image between the magenta line, which is the middle of 7-1/8" in Indesign CS6?   I will have around 90 pages total.  How much middle part does it usually gets cut off due to perfect bind? Thank you for your response! 


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I have exactly the same query, this being my first time using the InDesign Blurb software.  Regardless of whether a page is left or right, should an item be centered within the page (black lines) or the 'safe design space' (magenta lines).  This makes a huge difference to the alignment.

With many thanks....

Deborah Gare 1 voto

I would really like to know the answer to this too. I can't be sure where to center it in the program if I want it centered on the actual page. I'm really worried about my title in the cover being all off-centered and looking awful but there are NO guidelines out there for centering items.

Korolyeva 1 voto

Has anyone had an answer yet to this?? I've been trying via FAQs, support forum, Facebook messaging, email... no luck!!!

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