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I designed an e-book with Book Wright - how do I share it as an e-book with others for free?



I designed an e-book with Book Wright and uploaded it. I can only seem to find an option for buying the book "back", which I don't mind doing, so long as I can then distribute it as an online e-book to people in m network. Can someone explain the best and easiest way of doing this?

Many thanks


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Hi - I had a similar problem and just worked it out. You need to 'sell'your ebook so go to My Dashboard/My books, click on the book you want to share, scroll down and fill in the pricing information. Instead of clicking on FREE, I continued to fill in paypal details. Once this is complete, you have options to share it on facebook or a link appears down the bottom of the page so you can copy and email it.

Hope that helped.

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Im still unclear from this discussion and the website. I am also creating a magazine to give away to my clients for free. Do i have to pay anything to obtain the PDF of the bookwright created file once completed so I can share it?

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