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How do I do my own test print out of bookwright on my Mac?

need to test print from bookwright directly to my printer. is this possible?


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I am having this problem also. I would like to proof it before I go to print. Any luck in figuring out the answer? 

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Hi zydao. It's not possible to print directly out of BookWright. In fact, even if it were possible,  we would not recommend doing so. The print-out you would get at home would be very different in color, scale and density (brightness) then the Blurb-printed book, so it would not be a reliable indicator of what the Blurb book would look like. (Not to mention that printing a complete book at home would consume large amounts of ink and thus be quite expensive--money you could put towards your actual book or a proof copy.

If you're printing for color-checking reasons you're much better off ordering and reviewing a small test book on the same kind of paper, with a handful of your favorite images. That way you'll see what your images look like when printed using Blurb's ink, paper, presses and rendering processes.

If you're simply proofing for layout and typos, we suggest using BookWright's Preview feature. If you're worried about color shifts (usually only a concern if you've got heavily saturated colors) then you can make use of BookWright's soft proof feature. Click, on BookWright>Preferences and then check "Show Soft Proof".  

If this is your first-ever Blurb book, you may also want to check out these tips.

If you have any questions please get in touch with our customer support team. 

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