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Landscape Trade and Pocket Books

A landscape or horizontal shape for the trade and pocket books. I like the small size and price but for visually based projects a horizontal shape works best.


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Me as well. I have some books in the landscape format that would be perfect for the trade book format.

Jim Barber 0 votos

Any updates on whether this will become an available option? I am looking to print 100 landscape pocket sized books as a portfolio of architectural work for my firm to hand out at an upcoming conference. This is a conference we attend every year and always print the same amount. We have used MyPublisher in the past, but would use Blurb if this landscape option was available.

carlydel 0 votos

You have the option to print a horizontal photograph in a 6x9 trade book which is a vertical format. Choose the 2-page spread for a horizontal photo. The problem is the gutter which cuts the photo in half losing detail in the gutter. 

Russ Marshall -2 votos

I keep posting this to their FB page, and they keep responding with "post this in our forum" and nothing happens.  Ugh...

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