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Can I get a link in advance?

I'll be making my new book in about a week or so, and would like to print some cards before.

Can I receive a permanent link before the book is printed?

David Jacobs

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Hi David,

The URL for your book's page isn't generated until you've uploaded the book to us, so it's not possible to get a link beforehand.

As always, we strongly recommend waiting until you've gotten at least one copy of your book printed and delivered to you before putting your book up for sale (to make sure you are happy with what will be delivered to your customers).

- Padraic

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Can we get a link to our profile prior to uploading a book.  I'm pretty sure I have adequate materials for many books, and I don't think it would take me very long to create one...especially if, as your site claims, it might only take a couple of hours.  The link to my profile could then be included in my Kickstarter campaign:

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I sympathize with the author of the question. After one has uploaded and ordered a couple of copies of a Blurb book, it seems to take Blurb forever to divulge a URL that can be given to other people who want to buy the book. If you Email Blurb for help it will probably take a month before you get a useful  reply. Frustration!  If only the after-print service were as good as the preprint service, there would be lots more happy Blurb clients, I feel.

Hugh Fraser Rowell

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