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iPhone and iPad Mobile App Feature Requests

From time to time, we get feature requests from our customers for our Mobile App. While we cannot promise that every feature request will be added to this book-making tool, we want to hear what features you're looking for.

Ashley C.

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Some features that would improve your app include the following:
•an inspiration gallery of high quality products created with your site
•options to create a magazines
•options to create books at sizes other than squares
•access to the marketplace function of blurb to sell and manage web store
•access to the online book store
•access to ebooks, especially your ebook maker. That's the biggest fail to me because people could create products for an mobile device on a mobile device which would optimize the design process.
•options for trade books

Good luck hope that helps! I love your site but your app falls way short! Hope you guys can get it together.

Best wishes!
Jessica Barajas

juicyyyj 0 votos
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I received an invite to this forum via my review in the iOS app store. I downloaded the Blurb book app, but was disappointed that I could only create small size photo books and immediately deleted the app. I would really appreciate being able to design 12x12 photo albums in the app, to save time having to transfer items designed on my iPad to my desktop. Thank you! 

hayleyfrtnr 2 votos
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I was really excited to see the iPad app so I downloaded it, only to be extremely disappointed in the lack of functionality. I guess it's back to using a neighbor's computer since all of mine run on Linux. 

My request would be the ability to make all sizes of books.

Andrea Waagen 1 voto
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Hi all - thank you for posting your Blurb mobile app feedback! We really appreciate hearing your ideas and concerns. I'm passing this info to the rest of the Blurb team. Please continue to post ideas as I'll check back in the future. 😊

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