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Photobook: true bw and a touch of red

I'm almost done with my photobook. I will be selling it on Amazon and in person. Before I send in to get the printing done I wanted to check something.
The whole book is mainly black and white images plus text. However there's one word on every other page that is in RED. I want to make sure the photos are true black and white. I'm worried that since i have one red word on the page (on the photo) the whole page will print using 'color'. Meaning the black and white photos will have a magenta-ish hue. What I mean is when you print a bw photo and you tell your printer to print black and white, the whole page will be true bw. But when you have a bw image and you tell the printer to print that bw image on the color printer, the bw image will come out as bw however it will have a red-ish tone to it. Does that make sense? So when my book pages print i'm not sure how to keep the image true bw (no hue) but still have that one red word there.
What can I do on my end to ensure correct printing? Does someone at blurb actually look at what we send in before it gets printed?

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Hi Anna- We use color printers for all our printing and not dedicated black and white presses, so it's possible to print non-neutral black and white images.  

When printing a new project, always start with single copy proof before placing a larger order. That way you can make sure that the image resolution, color reproduction, trim, paper, binding, etc. meet your expectations.

Our press operators regularly calibrate, maintain and monitor our presses and watch for obvious problems. However, they do not keep the originals at hand for comparison so if there is a problem, please submit a support ticket. 

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