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More Dust Jacket Customization


I'm really considering using Blurb to print out a handful of books and so far it surpassed all my expectations, but there is one thing that bothers me: When trying to print a Dust Jacket Hardcover, there is no way to edit the actual Hardcover (aka like in the ImageWrap Hardcover variant). It would be an amazing feature I think.

Personally, I would like to have the Hardcover be a simple title on black (same for the spine), while the Dust Jacket would be the intricate cover I've worked so hard on.

The solution for this would simply be to be able to upload a third PDF for a Dust Jacket Hardcover that would act as an ImageWrap. I am sure that this has been requested before and I would love to see it implemented (in the next month or so would be a stretch I guess, but I'll leave this note here).

Thank you for reading this!


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Hello! Thanks so much for your post. At this time, we do offer custom book options for volume orders ( This includes embossing/debossing, custom end sheets, head/foot bands, ribbons, etc. While we cannot offer these features for smaller orders, we will absolutely keep it in mind for the future. 😊

Kayla F.
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