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Modifying an existing book

I have created, uploaded, and ordered a blurb booksmart book. I want to modify this book, but keep the existing book in case I want additional copies later. I re-named the book to save it under a new name, and then started making changes to my new modified book. But the existing (old) book has disappeared from my list of books. How can I get the original book back, and still be able to create a modified book??? Tks -Steve


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I have the same question. I want to produce a new edition of a blurb booksmart book. So I eagerly await the response to this question. 

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I have a similar question too. I just created, uploaded and ordered a book and noticed the words "photo text" on one of my pages. How do I edit the book to re-order it.

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I would like to know as well. I've made many books with blurb and each year need to do various modifications to our annual family photo album as each one is different depending on the family I send it to.. I've done years of book publishing with Blurb , but this year I am finding the site is going backwards with their changes.  I've had so much trouble, with the new format for creating books, and now I am not sure if I can make different versions of the book I'm working on. 


So does anyone know how I can copy and create new revised books this year? 

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