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Fedex Charges

I am being charged R$400 (about $100) for the books I ordered. I only used your site because last time I created and ordered a book I was not charged. The package that arrived, which I did not pay for, is also very, very thin, and I was further reluctant to accept it due to the fact that it does not seem to hold two books w/ 72 pages! Consequently, I am very disappointed with your service and will NEVER again order another book from Blurb. I only used your service because I was lead to believe, due to my previous purchase, that no taxes were applicable, and the fact that you have a .br site is even more misleading towards your clients!

I spent an entire year creating these books, and unfortunately I will never see them physically since I refuse to pay a total of almost R$1000 for books I spent my own time designing. In Brazil, this is the a value higher than minimum wage.


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I live in Canada and there was almost a mail strike so Blurb decided to send my book out by Fed Ex. Now Fed Ex says I have to pay $16. I never asked Blurb to send my book this way. They could have held on to it or just put it in the mail

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