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upload failed from Bookwright

i have just tried my second time at uploading by 124 page magazine to print however its gets say 20% of the way and then comes up with upload failed ?
i tried again, it got to 59% but failed again.
the file is 313MG so i don't know what is going wrong ?


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Hi, I have been having exactly the same problem and have tried about 8 times. I raised an incident and was told that my ISP had a limit on my upload. I didn't think this was the case so took the laptop to a friends house. I had exactly the same problem. I then decided to see what my internet speed was and noticed I only had a 1Mb upload speed. I called my ISP and they looked into it and I now have 4Mb upload. I tried again, the file is 184Mb, and it uploaded no problem. So in short I don't think Blurb support is great and have managed to solve it myself. Good luck.

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