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Are Multiple Collaborators on One Book Possible?

I am using Booksmart to design a yearbook with a number of parents. We are using the divide-and-conquer method of finishing the book. Each book is set up the same- Yearbook format with Large Landscape book size. Each parent has created their own project on their own computers. The idea is that each parent would be responsible for 4-8 pages each. They would all be working on them simultaneously and then when complete, would export their book back to me, where I could build the one master book.

We've run into a hiccup when trying to import one of the other parent's pages, because it only opens as a separate book. I cannot take those pages and put them into my book.

I am hoping I am not the first person to encounter this problem and that someone has a work around. I am hoping there is a very simple and logical way to "EXPORT PAGE" rather than export book and then IMPORT BOOK into my book.

I do know that unfortunately it now looks like I will have to save all their layouts as individual layouts and then also have them deliver each and every photo they used and then manually recreate every single zoom in and repositioning, background, font, everything.

I suppose this may turn into a "Feature Request" if it isn't already something available.


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