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Page numbers not changing

I keep trying to edit the page numbers so that they start on page 2 instead of page 4, but everything I try does not work. I even tried deleting the page numbers in backgrounds to then add them again, but I can't delete them either. I'm not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Same problem... Designed 16 pages of my book ... Numbered Pages 1 through 16 ... Saved it .... Cool... Next day I added 2 more pages ... Go to Page Numbering Window... Select "Add Numbering for Page 17 and 18 .... click OK ... and ALL of my saved pages 1 through 16 get double numbered ( like 1,1.... 2,2 ...16,16 ....) ... and my two new pages #17 and #18  get numbered as page 1 and 2... Ufff ...No way to delete it / no such option in the menu ..... Bummer ... Any help is appreciated... Thank you.

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