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Pagination in BookWright vs. PDF

I have submitted 2 email requests and sat on hold twice for lengthy periods ending being cut off suggesting I submit an email. My first time using Blurb and wow what horrid support.

My question for anyone is that I used BookWright to compose my project and then uploaded and submitted the job. I got the PDF and the pagination seems off. That being that they seem to have created a page to the right of the outside cover, thus pushing all my pages one off. When I look at the layout in BookWright and also uploaded to the site, it is what I want, but when reviewing the PDF in two page view my right pages are on the left.

I assume this is just horrid code, but as there is no real proofing or ANY way to comment on the job other than cancelling it I am confused. Can anyone give me some advice?



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Just wrote with the same problem, and because the .pdf doesn't give you any preview if you don't order, I also have wasted my money. STAY AWAY FROM THE SOFT COPIES.

Also the generated eBook is pretty poorly built. I suggested them to forget the soft and focus on the hard copies only.


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For a PDF previously created with BookWright or InDesign CS2 without a plug-in. Try this...

This will help avoid your layout shifting during upload.

Once the cover and Contents are completed:

1. Insert another page into the Layout, After the cover on page 1 from the InDesign document. Leave blank or place additional content.

2. Export a new PDF as pages-blurb and upload this file.

Close InDesign document, but do not save to preserve original format.

Basically all you need to do is create a new PDF with an extra page.
After the front cover, insert another page and resave as an odd paged PDF - though Blurb states to only upload even number page docs. Blurb will insert a blank page at the end.

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