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Locking ruler guides and grouping pictures

I think it should be possible to lock the ruler guides when working in Bookwright. It should also be  possible to lock - and unlock, of course, sides and spreads. It´s too easy to mess up the elements on a side as it is now. 

Another problem is that it´s not possible to group pictures. At least it should be an option to move the pictures around on the "import-line".

Nora Kirkbak

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And a possibility to reset ruler guides to standard/original.

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I agree with the need for locking the guides. I was hoping that someone had found a way to do this. They come to the front when I am trying to resize a picture or text box. I was ecstatic to find a hidden way to group elements in order to move them together as a unit. The usual method would be to shift click elements... but in this case, on my Mac, I was able to command+shift+click each item and they stayed together when I move them.

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