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Low Resolution warnings for pics with 300ppi

Is Blurb giving false resolution warnings?  An example of a photo I uploaded for a magazine has these specs in Photoshop: Document size 8.5" x 11", 300ppi.  Image was never upsampled.

If I take the Fix option, will it print well? 

Should I ignore the warning?

File is attached.

This is my first Blurb project and I can't wait 2 weeks to get a sample to see if it will print well.  I sure appreciate your help!


really FINAL LADDER-sRGB.jpg

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Hi Mandy,

Yes, they did respond, and as I recall the problem was on my end.  Or at least I overcame it on my end.  I believe I was sending 300ppi files, but if that file had to be enlarged (cropped) to fit the Blurb "frame" it's ppi dropped under Blurb's threshold for low resolution warnings.  I'm sorry I don't remember for sure what I did, but I think I did my cropping in Photoshop and upsampled the cropped image to 300ppi before uploading to Blurb.

By the way, my magazine book came out great.  Print quality, paper, etc. was excellent.

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