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BookWright Deleting Pages or Not Saving

Has anyone come across Book Wright not saving pages? I've been working on an album and I've had to close the program a couple times and when I re-open it, none of my saved work is there. I'm stuck at 170 pages and anything I try to add beyond that is just not there anymore. I save after I'm done with every two pages. 

However, the layouts I created in my last session are still available - layouts I specifically made for some edits to existing pages . Layout is still there - changes/edits are not...


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Has this been answered? I've just lost my changes for a third day in a row. I have even tried saving different versions so that if it lost my current version I would have the previous. However when I close the program, and open it again, it does not matter which version I open, none of them have my changes. The file size is different in each version so it knows that I've added images however no changes to my layout show up. I've lost 4 hours one day, 3 hours the next and 4 hours today. Is there an answer to this?

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