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Book has issues, can't get in touch with Blurb

I just received a book I created for an anniversary and paid extra to have it in on time. I have created and purchased two books through blurb before and they have been of wonderful quality and everything was great. This time, there is a white line along the bottom of every single page and the top of every single page is cut out. I have been trying to contact blurb support via email and phone for over a day and have not gotten through to anyone. Is there anything else I can do? I spent a lot of money and a lot of time on this book, and I am extremely frustrated with the lack of effort and support on blurb's part. 


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Do you have any update on this errand? Did Blurb respond and what did they say?
I just ordered a book and experience the same issue with a white line at the bottom corner of every spread that gets thinner and thinner till it disappears at the top corner. My workflow was 1) design the book in InDesign, 2) Export to PDF in InDesign, 3) Check the the PDF-file in Adobe DC and 4) Upload the PDF to Blurb and send to shipping. Everything looked and still looks fine in Adobe DC (step 3), so I can only assume something went wrong when it was uploaded or printed.

Like you I also ordered Priority shipping to get it as fast as possible, but could that really have something to do with it?

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