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Why has the Blurb logo been added to the 2nd page as well as the 20th page?

As a long time user of Blurb, I noticed that in recent months a logo has been added to the 2nd page.  It can only be removed by paying a substantial amount to "upgrade" your book.  Now instead of 20 pages coming with the base price, you have 18 pages unless you want to place your photos in/around the two logos.

I am asking Blurb to revert to one logo only on page 20 and/or place it somewhere discreet such as the corner of the back cover.



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Update:  I have just been advised that page 2 of Booksmart can be deleted without having to upgrade or pay any additional cost to remove the copyright page.  Just click "remove page".  You can add back the page without the logo/copyright symbol with free rein of the page.

This option is not made clearly because when you click the logo you only receive an "upgrade" with pricing or "use custom logo".

Problem solved.  I don't appreciate the fact that this isn't a clear option.

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