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Making a book based on a facebook conversation

I need help.

My girlfriend loves to look back at the very beginning of our relationship through our messages on for xmas I decided that I would put it all in a nice book.  I found a few sites that can take your conversation and apply to a book with a click of a button...however - the account needs to be active, hers is not.  I can't activate it. 


I have however managed to find an app that I can download the conversation to a .csv (excel) document, now I just need to apply that to a book.  Does anyone have any ideas to help me make this look good? Or....does anyone want to do for a little bit of money?  Thanks guys.


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Create screenshots of the page and save them as jpegs. Open the screenshots and crop them, removing the background of your desktop. I'm on a mac and I do this in photoshop or preview. I find it's easier to get a clean image that way as opposed to cropping with blurb tools. You can also adjust your resolution, contrast & colors. Make sure the image on the screen is sized properly before you capture your image allowing for consistency and smooth visual flow. If you want to include photos other than just your mini-profile thumbnails next to your thread, you can create a break between your text block by cropping a piece of test shorter. Don't change the size of the image. Take your shot of two shorter conversations and insert image in between. Or use only one section at the bottom or top of the page, inserting the pic above or below. Another way to add photos for a project like this would be to leave the opposite page following text blank.  What's you'd be creating actually, is a photo book made entirely of jpegs but containing a combination of your facebook text and images, using the simplest layout templates available. I've done this... not with an entire book but with a section and it turned out great. Good luck! Not sure this is a recommended technique ala blurb but breaking their rules is sometimes the only way to get what you need.
P.S. I was an art director and designer for 25 yrs so I know my stuff.

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