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opt out of blurb sell

Once I enroll in blurb sell can I then discontinue if I decide to stop, while still ordering the same book for myself 

Thanks In beauty always Monique


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Hi Monique,

If you sign up for our Direct Sell program that allows you to add a profit mark-up to your book's selling price/base price. That profit will then be sent to you, once you've reached the minimum amount needed for a pay-out.

You can remove your mark-up at any time if you choose to, and you can remove your book from selling (with or without a profit added) at any time. 

When you order your own book, using the same account used to upload the book, you always pay the "base price"--that is, the price Blurb sells the book for. You do not pay your added mark-up on top of that. 

If you have additional questions please be sure to contact customer support directly for a faster response.


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