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Watch NBA Finals 2014 Live Stream Online [blurb]

I am developer and also a writer. I am part of a team which develops a Point of Sale (POS) Software. I believed this is a revolutionary idea because we want to run the POS in a standard Android device, smartphone or tablet. This is the most cost-efficient solution compared to using an iPad. The reason I write this question in this forum is to ask how to market a book about that software. Yes I am writing a book about that because most of our clients don't really get it. They usually ask, 'What is a Point of Sale?" I really need a instructional book for them. Anyway, because I am not a marketer, I always struggle how to sell that kind of book. You can also review our app and see if it is worthy of a book - NBA Finals Live Stream. Maybe some of you here knows or have the right experience to help. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.

Watch NBA Finals Live Stream Online


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