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Do I keep files in raw or convert to JPEG prior to uploading to Blurb from Lightroom 5?

It's my first time making a blurb book and I'm using LR5. I tried to upload it first as raw files and noticed it was taking a long time and at one point stopped with a message saying blurb servers are processing. Is it better to convert them to JPEG then bring it back to LR5 and go through the process again. or is it the same thing if I just upload them as raw files with the edits?


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The webinar which I watched said that the beauty of using Lightroom to make a Blurb book is that the program will use your RAW files and you don't have to worry about the size and dpi etc.

BUT, the book seems to have been rendered, including the cover, and I keep getting the message "waiting for Blurb server processing."  This keeps occurring and I can't finish my order!

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