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A new paragraph on a new page with a space above it

I am creating a book only with text. My paragraphs have a carriage return space between them.

When I am near the bottom of a page and about to start a new paragraph after a carriage return, the book forces the new paragraph on to the next page. Which would be fine ... BUT the trouble is, the new paragraph on the next page always has a space above it. If I try and delete that space, the paragraph goes back to the previous page, with no space between it and the previous paragraph.

Thanks for any tips.



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The only way I have been able to overcome this lack of a "page feed" feature (commonly found in Microsoft Word and most other word processing programs, but oddly absent from BookSmart) is to keep entering spaces at the end of the page to push the next paragraph to the top of the next page; however, when you do this, you must check back to this series of spaces in case you edit some earlier part of the book that changes the pagination in the patched area and your spaces wind up in the middle of a page instead of at the end.

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This glitch is one of the biggest reason  I turn potential clients away because handling large volumes of text and repeatedly fixing the page breaks adds hours and hours to the project. The result is people can't afford to pay me for the extra time it takes to fix the errors that reappear over and over again and I can't justify working for $2 an hour! PLEASE do something about this issue Blurb!!!

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