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Will the outline of a text box show up over a picture if there is no text?

I have selected a picture layout that has three pictures and a text box that overlays two of the pictures. There is no text in the box, but the white outline of the text box looks like it is showing up over the pictures.  Is there a way to remove it?

Thank you!


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Well it never has with any of the books I've produced!

If you are using BookSmart select Preview Book, at the bottom right of the BookSmart window, and you'll see the book as it will be printed.


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Yes. If you're using Booksmart, click on the page with the text box, then click Edit Layout (in the menu bar to the left of Themes). When the layout preview opens, click the text box to select it, then click delete. Then Apply.


You can also use Edit Layout to add/remove/re-size text boxes and images, and add/remove headers and footers.

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