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Community Forum Guidelines (aka How to Use Our Forums)


1. What is the purpose of the Blurb author forums?

The goal of the Blurb forums is to create a place where you and your fellow Blurbarians can ask questions, give answers, offer improvement suggestions to our products and generally learn more about the book making processes from an author perspective.

We believe that these forums grow best organically without policing; however, moderators will be monitoring these forums to ensure that our guidelines are being adhered to and everyone is playing by the rules.

If you have a question about your order or are experiencing technical issues please do not post it in the forums. Instead, contact customer support. You'll get a reply within 1 business day (and often much sooner).


2. What are the guidelines for using the Blurb author forums?

Respect other posters
Share your book making knowledge
Ask for help or advice with making your book (and reach out to help others in return)
Provide details in your post (if you’re talking about a BookSmart book, mention BookSmart)
Share your ideas to improve our website, book making tools or printer books 

Use obscene and/or offensive language
Post your message in multiple forums (or multiple times within the same forum)
Post anything you aren’t comfortable with the world seeing (including personal information)
Post to gather attention to an existing support ticket
Post to the forums if you are experiencing a technical issue or a problem with your order (our Customer Support team is here for that)

 Personal insults, abusive messages, and generally offensive or disrespectful comments will be edited or deleted by the moderators with repeated infractions resulting in the disabling of an account.

In addition, spam messages will be deleted immediately and the user account through will be disabled.

If you post to the forums with a question that is better suited for our support team, we may remove your post and contact you directly.


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