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Importing Photos into BookSmart

I find Lightroom's Book module too limiting so I want to use BookSmart. A post in Adobe forums ( suggested that there was a plug-in to link photos from Lightroom to BookSmart, but the link on Blurb's website is now broken ( Does anyone know an easy way to get the photos from Lightroom into BookSmart, other than exporting them all as JPEGs from LR and importing them into BookSmart?


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I got a reply from Blurb Tech Support: 

Unfortunately, there is no way to import your images from Lightroom into BookSmart. You do have to do it manually. Here are Blurb's recommended guidelines for images used in BookSmart:
1) JPG or PNG file format. (JPG is fine for most images; use PNGs if your images contain text or line art).
2) RGB color (sRGB recommended; no CMYK or Grayscale).
3) 150dpi minimum-300dpi maximum. Out-of-camera JPGs are fine and don't need to be resized unless you're placing many high-resolution JPGs on a single page (for instance, into a yearbook-type layout).
4) Size: images should be smaller than 15MB. The width of vertically oriented images should be less than 4000 pixels. The height should also be less than 4000 pixels. Adding images that exceed those recommended limits may slow BookSmart's performance.

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