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Image Borders in BookWright

I am pleased with the many upgrades being made to BookWright---am still waiting for the option to add simple borders around images from within BW, as we could in BookSmart. Currently I add borders to my images in PhotoShop PSE, but of course those are permanent, and can't be changed once they are in place. Text borders would be wonderful too, but for now, I'd settle for image borders. Is it more difficult because we can customize our images box sizes in BW?

Caroline Trippe

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Hi Caroline - We're currently making improvements to Bookwright and we'll make sure to pass along your feedback regarding text borders. Thanks for your suggestion! 

Veronica T. 1 voto
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BookSmart had a nice selection of borders, but I guess it's discontinued/replaced by BookWrite. It'd be good to have borders feature back.

Alek Khazanov 0 voti
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