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can I creat a PDF file of my book to show someone before printing?



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It is possible if you are using BookSmart, but only in a form suitable for proof reading.

  • For this you need to download a PDF Writer (if you haven’t already got one).
  • The Adobe PDF      Writer (Acrobat) is expensive but you can download a trial copy which lasts for one month. You can get that here
  • There are also many free PDF Writers available, a search of the internet      will find those. I use one called CutePDF> You can get that here
  • When you install these they set themselves up as a virtual printer. So open your book, choose File…..Print and choose your PDF Writer from the list of printers.
  • Now you need to be patient, printing a  book locally (to your printer or to a PDF Writer) can take hours. I usually set it going just before I go to bed.
  • Eventually you will have a PDF of your book. Each page of your book will have a Blurb watermark diagonally across the whole page, but that does not stop its use for proof reading. The pages may well have a white border and not  fill the PDF page. That is NOT how it will print, this is just a quirk of  local printing.


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I recently ordered a Large Format, Landscape 10 x 13" Book for a Wedding project.  All my pages were in alignment on my computer.  However when I received a copy via PDF several of the pages were out of alignment.  Is this actually how the book will look?  If so I have some serious concerns - First Time User of Booksmart Software

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If you are doing a photo book make sure you croup the image as you wish it to appear in your book. not doing this will result in a nasty black area on the page of the finished book. Do all of this at home ,review it page by page before uploading. I have just lost £80.00 not doing my job properly. This time it was not the fualt of blurb. So be warned.

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I printed out 2 albums Book Size: Large Square
Cover Type: Hardcover, Dust Jacket
Paper Type: ProLine Uncoated Paper

because they are printed with a yellow cast?
The yellow we see a lot more on the photos in B / W

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I have submitted and printed 3 photo books and they were all sent back without the title of book and author name . However the preview indicated title and author name. Is this printing error  or what? This is gross mistake as every book has a title and the makes name. Assuming during printing blurb notice such major error l think it will be nice and drop the customer an email.

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tony; cliffhouse

your input on where to find a PDF writer/ template is most helpful.

thank you so much

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Is it possible to create a pdf from BookWright? I really need a hard copy proof!

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After one has published a book on/with Blurb you decide to publish the book with another printer. Can one retrieve a digital version of the book, e.g. as PDF file with high quality image files? Blurb say they do not recommend to use the PDF file you can buy from them for publishing.Can I convert my Booksmart files directly to PDF files without the watermark?



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Hi all. 

Just a reminder: you can order an "Instant PDF" version of your book. Follow the steps here to order and download the PDF. This is not a print-quality PDF, however. It is optimized for viewing on screen, not for printing.

If you made your book with InDesign or the Lightroom book module then you can use those programs to make a print-quality PDF for free. Simply export the book as a PDF from within those programs.

I am going to lock this thread as the answer has been provided. 

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