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Matching page count to spine width

In the past, I've been able to find a calculator that indicated the spine size for a given number of pages.  Blurb have always said that their spine sizes might change so they don't specify the number of pages for each spine width they use.  I'm preparing a new book but cannot now find the calculator to check that I do not trigger an unacceptably wide spine.  Can anyone please tell me where to find it now.  Thanks.  Philip


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I also had trouble with the spine size. Was way too wide on my last book so I must have just triggered the larger size spine with the number of pages. Makes the book look very ugly. Would very much like a chart of page numbers to spine size be made available Judi
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I've gone from the standard 24 pages. to 38 pages. The cover template provides the spine size for 24 pages, how much wider does the spine need to be, with the additional pages?

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