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Mandatory Logo for Trade Books in Bookwright?

When uploading a trade book project in Bookwright (mine is a 6x9 trade book) the Logo option is grayed out and i cannot select to remove or keep the the blurb logo. Which leads me to my next Question.... Does blurb not put their logo in their trade books and the customer cannot participate in the discounted price? Or is the logo mandatory? 

If the logo is Mandatory where exactly is the logo placed? Does blurb add additional pages to the trade book to accommodate their logo? What does the page look like, what color is it, what kind of additional text is added etc etc. 


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When creating a Trade Book the Blurb Logo page is not included, so it's not necessary to make a selection to remove it. The Blurb Logo page is only offered in Photo Books and legacy Trade Books created in BookSmart.

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